I’m Rayan Kavish, founder of Fitness Healthfy and  a freelance writer. I’m so glad you are here!. I have started my career as fitness blogger since 2018. Currently I’m a 3rd year physical therapy student of a state university of Sri Lanka. My aim is to be a specialist in sports science and working as a fitness trainer.

About Blog

I started my Fitness healthfy blog in 2020. I’m publishing one article per week. Fitness is  such a significant topic for a healthy lifestyle. I’m studying hard about this area and try to bring you a well-researched article with scientifically proven facts. 

I hope you will join with me!

Medical Disclaimer

I’m a physical therapy undergraduate and hope to complete my bachelor of science in physiotherapy degree in 2022. The contents of the Fitness healthfy.com, including all text, images and other materials are only for informational puposes.

Please Always get medical advice from qualified doctor or physical therapist before trying anything you may read on this blog.

feel free to contact me with any problems at [email protected]