Getting back into running after a break is really hard. Sometimes this difficulty depends on your reason why you stop your running habit and your layoff period. Actually, People have so much variety of reasons for breaking off their running. Most commonly, they have to leave the field due to injury, family issues, occupation, weather, busy time schedule, and so on. if you have any different kind of reason, feel free to share with us in the comment section. However, if you think to get back into running again, it is a great idea. Why I am saying that Because most people think that they fit without a proper exercise routine and never think about health and fitness. As a physical therapy undergraduate, I must tell you that you have to concern about your muscular fitness, aerobic fitness as well as weight management. So, let us discuss the correct way of restarting the running more effectively with intention of reaching the above goals.

How to make a plan to start running again?

First and foremost, you have to make a proper plan. unless due to many reasons, you will have to end up this journey pretty early. So, in a proper running program, there are three main phases named warm-up, running, and cool-down sessions. each phase is so vital and scientifically proven. Time allocation is another significant part. I think it is better that you can choose the morning time but not so early. if you choose like 6.00 am, you can’t reach your target. because the temperature is low and the muscles are tight.

Actually, you have three main floors to start your running again. They are pavement running, off-road running, and treadmill running. According to your choice and facilities that you have you can continue either of these three or mix all three.

You don’t compare your present condition with the past. because your off-field time definitely changes your body composition.  So, you must apply the 10 percent rule while you making the plan. It is essential that you increase your mileage gradually. According to the rule, you should increase only 10 percent of the previous week’s running mileage. you should not find shortcuts to approach your targeted fitness goals. It is common that most of the guys try to run for more than 1 hour in the beginning. Finally, they end up with serious injuries

you can also find good apps from Appstore and play store to track your progress. I think Run keeper is a really good app for you to know about your running distance, the time you spent, and calories burned.

Finally, find a good pair of running shoes. If you have a pair, please check whether it is ideal or not by walking. Sometimes your shoes may lead you to ankle injuries. So, be careful. If you don’t know, please take advice from an expert. Don’t forget that your shoes can make a huge difference especially when you go for long-distance running.

keep reading the whole article, it will give you more details for creating a much effective plan.

How to boost your motivation?

Obviously, motivation is a key factor in getting back into running. According to the proper plan which you made, you can set goals. As well as watch motivational fitness videos. While you are running, you can listen to music. As a suggestion, it is good that you can find a partner. But never go to compare with his performance. Try to give priority to running in your daily schedule. Always be positive and visualize your fitness goals. Sometimes your body will say that you can not do this at the beginning. But keep consistent because without exercise whole life may be a mess.

Let’s start running properly

In this section, I want to bring you that typical way of running exercise which experts recommend to people who start their running life again.

First, how do you warm up your muscles? Simply by walking you can do this. Further, it is better that you do squats before start running.,

As a beginner, the first week you should start from 30min per day and three days per week.  Don’t put much stress on the body. Use the other four days for rest because at the early stage of running your muscles need more recovery time. otherwise, your running will lead to overuse injuries.

As I mentioned earlier, if you have all three different surfaces you can change your surface to keep consistency. But the off-road running is more susceptible to knee and ankle injuries. Running on a treadmill is an indoor activity so, you can overcome weather challenges and cut off air resistance. So, you can maintain your running exercise every day by shifting like this.

When you are running after a break, walking is key. walking during the running is not a failure of your success. When you move to the intermediate level, you can reduce your walking time and increase the running time. At the intermediate level, you can follow cross-training. This means that you are able to give some time for swimming, cycling, strength training in your resting days. It will enhance your endurance and muscular strength. And also changes like that will help you to keep interested

After your running session, don’t forget to perform some static stretching exercises for your quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

Breathing pattern is another important fact because your muscles especially the lower body muscles contract so fast during running. So, that muscle needs oxygen rapidly. That is why you had better take deep breaths using both nose and mouth. As well as breathing rate should be slow. Some guys face asthma symptoms while running, if you have some breathing issue, please meet your family doctor.

Heart rate also goes high during running due to make a good blood supply to the muscles. but after the exercise, it goes down. However, if you have smart devices, track your heart rate while running. Professional runners have a strong heart with a low resting heart rate.

How to avoid injuries when you get back into running?

Most of the time Ankle sprains, knee injuries are common reasons for leaving the field.  if you face such an injury, without a proper rehabilitation process you can not get back to running. Muscle fatigue, soreness, and spasms are also really common but they recover soon. But we can reduce the risk of having injuries by following the proper guidelines of a physical therapist. Most of the people try to run more distance at the beginner level. Actually, it is completely wrong, As I mentioned earlier you should follow the 10 percent rule and progressively uplift your time, distance, speed of the performance. As well as to match with others’ performance since they differ in age, training period.

If you feel any difficulty while running, stop running, and take a rest immediately. After coming back home meet your doctor and physical therapist. On the other hand, in the early stages of running your mind may cheat you by adding discomfort. So, always keep a high motivation level.

proper warm-up, adequate resting for muscle recovery, cross-training can also reduce the risk of having injuries. It is important to notice that if you have pain in your lower limbs, don’t continue your running. it can bring you worse results. Before you start running you are able to wear ankle, knee braces, as well as Taping, which is another method of preventing injuries.

Is running enough to stay fit?

Fitness means the ability to perform physical work. So, a planned and structured physical activity for achieving this purpose is called an exercise.

Actually, running is a top-class single exercise for improving your fitness. Running is popular as a really good fat burning exercise. It is true that by running you can burn your belly fat. but it also affects other areas. During the period that you did it, you definitely experience that. Especially running enhances your cardiorespiratory fitness as well as lower limb muscle strength. But I should mention that to gain physical fitness, we have to strengthen your upper limb muscles also. that’s why cross-training comes to the stage. during your gym sessions, you must focus on the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest areas.

VO2 max is the measurement that physical therapists use to calculate your aerobic fitness. when you are improving the aerobic fitness, this value goes high.

How do you change your diet?

Your daily foods and drinks are play a big role to the success of this task. So, It is better you meet a nutritionist and take advice before you execute your running program. Here, I just bring you some common tips, that you should know as a runner.

If you can take a protein shake or banana before the commencement of the run, it is better. please remember that fats are not good for your body at this time. because all the food you take prior to the run should be digested and ready to supply fuel when you start running. Water is the other part. It is significant that you drink water one hour before the run, but if it is long-distance running you should drink water at regular intervals. Keep in mind that you must run with a comfortable stomach.

While running you can take some quick digestible foods or beverages to compensate energy lost. whatever you take while running, it should be absorbed easily.

After running, you should take a high carbohydrate and protein diet. Just after running, drink more water to avoid dehydration. Carbohydrate is vital for refill your muscles and Protein helps to rebuild and repair your muscles. As well as You can calculate how many calories you want daily. Then try to fulfill it daily. If you can get more calories, it doesn’t matter. especially it is better that you can include grains, natural honey, oats for your daily meals

Before you start running again, it is important to consider about above facts more deeply rather than reading this article. otherwise you can’t make your body fit.

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