Basically Milk is a nutrient-rich fluid. The mammary glands of mammals produce milk to feed their infants. But humans use some animals’ milk as their beverage. Among them, cow milk is the most famous in humans. But there are three major types of milk. Whole milk, Low-fat milk, and free fat (skim milk). Other types are flavored milk, Lactose-free milk, and raw milk. Which is your choice among these .as your daily diary product and what parameters make you choose it. In most of the countries, dairy products are an essential beverage in day to day lifestyle. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, normally you need 2,3 cups of milk each day. But this depends on your age and physical activity level. If you are a really active person you have to get more than a normal person.

Now, the question is which type of milk is better for a healthy life. Is it fat-free (skim milk)?

Fat-free milk

Skim milk or Fat-free milk is made by removing almost all the fat from whole milk. It includes 0.5% milk fat. When considering one cup (237ml) of skim milk. it has more calcium and protein level. Nevertheless, it contains fewer calories. So, people focus on fat-free milk when they are in a special diet plan. There was a trend to take skim milk But as I mentioned earlier, After finding saturated fat is not bad for your heart, the trend went down.

Whole milk

Whole milk contains 3.25% milk fat by weight. When comparing it with low fat and fat-free milk. Whole milk has the highest number of calories in one cup (237ml). And also, Omega 3 fatty acids level is significantly high in whole milk. It brings many health benefits. During the past decades, people believed that that whole milk was not beneficial for adults especially those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases since its saturated fat content. However, recent studies have been proved that no significant link between cardiovascular diseases and saturated fat. The Fact is though whole milk has LDL cholesterol, it also contains HDL cholesterol which reduces the risk of having heart diseases.
Let’s get some deep ideas about the whole milk nutrient fact. (244g of whole milk)









Saturated fat


Omega-3 fatty acids










Vitamin A


Vitamin K


Vitamin D


Researchers have found that whole milk is not causing for obesity. Several European research studies found whole fat reduces the risk of having diabetes. For now, most of the studies have suggested that whole milk is better than skim and low-fat milk for a healthy life. But it will change if you have an specific diet plan

Other types of cow’s milk

Raw milk- This type has not meet pasteurizing process before drink. So, it may contain germs, various types of harmful bacteria such as E.coli,Brucella,Salmonella. According to CDC reports, Consuming raw milk is a greater risk for your life.

Lactose-free milk – This name suggests the nature. Lactose is a type of sugar which is included in cow’s milk. but some guys can’t digest this sugar properly. So, companies make this commercial product for more selling of their dairy products. This is done by adding lactase enzyme

Flavored milk- This is another commercialized product. This is Pasteurized product then it has been refrigerated or used an ultra-high-temperature (UHT). Most of the type people tend to drink flavored milk as instant drink.

Bottom line

Recent studies are showing some negative effects of milk which indicate some relationship between milk and cancer development specially in breast and prostate gland. So, be alert on latest news.

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